Thursday, April 8, 2010

I believe

I believe that if you enable students to possess ownership in their learning, if you give them choice and foster their thinking, it will yield problem solvers, inventors and individuals destined for success.
In writing workshop, the students are working on generating ideas for their essays. Through the support of 21st century tools, they are brainstorming and sharing their thoughts in a real time, authentic way.
The students were given a choice to post to their blog, wall wisher or wiffiti site. The significance was not in where they shared the ideas, but the fact that they were free to have their voice be heard. Even the hesitant writers were overflowing with excitement for their thoughts to be shared.
For many, the power of their voice was discovered for the 1st time. It was the realization that what they thought, felt, experienced does have significance.
Here are just a few belief statements the writers generated....
  • Nobody can be the boss of you,you are the boss of yourself
  • that the smallest child can make the biggest diference.
  • doing bad things does not mean your a bad person it means you make bad choices
  • I believe everyone should have a chance and be a part of something in there life
  • I believe that it is ok to disagree with your clossest friends
  • I beleve that if people let their children open their mouths, they can say things more powerful than audults.
  • I bileve always look at the good things in life.I bileve this because my grampa got shot and lost his leg but when somthing happend bad or good he always looked at the good thinks.Even though he past I desieded to fallow his thinking and now I call this thinking looking at the bright side of life.
Just a few of the beliefs 3rd graders were able to share and discuss with one another. I believe in a 21st century world where everyone has a voice that can be heard. A voice that now spans across the world.

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