Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Launching the Learning Process...

As I venture in to this learning experience, I am so fortunate to be actively collaborating with my students, colleagues and administrators. Part of reaching the needs of 21st century learners is about taking risks. The basis of this initiative will be action based. We will work together, grow and reflect on how these tools are reaching our instructional goals.
In our classroom, we had a brainstorming session of names for the project. The students generated a variety of ideas. None of these names have officially become the name of the experience yet, but I was impressed by the level of academic connections the students made. Some of the proposed names included: ilearn and iTL (iTouch Learning).
After sharing the basic objectives of the project with my 3rd graders, I posed the question, "How do you think ipod touches can be used to take care of your learning?"
The room was a buzzing brainstorm session. Apps were being applied to learning opportunities. They were engaged in the discussion and seemed to take on ownership from start.
I look forward to growing and making knowledge more accessible to our students. It gives them the opportunity to have a computer in hand and learning at their fingertips.