Monday, February 8, 2010

Sync or Swim?

The project launch has already produced a tremendous amount of engagement and excitement in the classroom. In fact the title, sync or swim, has nothing to do with how successful this project has been in instruction. Students have experienced guided discoveries of all the apps on the home screen, blogged on ClassPress, emailed exit slips and found images of angles in the real world on google images. The students truly have transformed into pioneers in this process. We are celebrating successes along with mistakes. The learning curve for this project is soooooo steep the altitude is impacting us :) We love it. Visit our wiki to find out more.
SO....SYNC OR SWIM? The real challenge thus far surrounding the project has been the technical aspect of it. Our district techs are not under contract to service this equipment, leaving all the grunt work to myself and the rest of our team. As a classroom teacher, it has been a struggle to try to sync the Bretford Cart to my Tablet PC as I use it consistently throughout the day for instruction. We have changed our strategy to attempt to sync the cart to another PC. We have downloaded the most recent version of itunes. The PC and Bretford card romance has been far from love at first sight. The 2 devices do not seem to connect (picture a bickering old couple). I have logged 12 or more hours alone trying to sync the new apps.
I'm trying to network for solutions. After collaborating with my assistant principal, Dani Watkins, we have had success via trial and error syncing 7 ipod touches. Unfortunately, Apple and Bretford have been difficult to collaborate with. Several, unsuccessful phone calls later, we decided that pioneers would continue the westward movement on our own. We are optimistic! Our goal is to have the entire class set ready to go this week.
This evening, I came across a voice thread from guru Tony Vincent, discussing this same struggle:
Any suggestions?